DiMeCard™ micro8™ microSD Card Holder For Consumers– Keep microSD memory cards safe
– Carry up to 8 cards with up to a massive 512 GB of memory (8x64GB microSDXC)

Use With:

  • mobile phones & smart phones
  • tablet computers & eReaders
  • digital cameras & camcorders
  • games consoles

– Store over 350 movies in your wallet

  • Over 500 hours of video

DiMeCard™ micro8™ microSD Card Holder For Consumers

– Keep your data & content private in your wallet for access when there is no network

  • email & documents
  • photos, music & video
  • games & software
  • eBooks & audio books

– Remove your sensitive and precious data from phone or tablet and keep on-person

– Easily swap and share memory cards with friends and colleagues

– Avoid expensive and slow mobile downloads