DiMeCard™ micro8™ microSD Card Holder For Mobile Network Operators– Retail Sales – a saleable, brandable, universal accessory – increase revenue

  • sell microSD card holders in-store and on-line next to your memory cards
  • sell separately – singly or in multi packs
  • bundle with memory cards or digital content

– Retail Operations – a great giveaway

  •  trainers and retail sales staff, whether in your own stores or at your channel partners, usually have many memory cards – a microSD holder is a new way to get your brand in prime place at the sales counter

– Promotional Item – more useful than a pen & unlike a USB key you can use it with your phone memory cards

  • large full colour photo quality graphics both sides
  • use for branding, tag lines, campaigns
  • the microSD card holder is kept on person in a wallet or purse, just like a bank card
  • the microSD card holder can be worn on a lanyard
  • your brand persists in your customers’ daily lives and gets seen regularly in meetings and in front of friends and colleagues
  • use for customer incentives – new device launches – new service launches – new price plans
  • increase loyalty and retention

Download PDF DiMeCard Mobile Operator Brochure