DiMeCard™ micro8™ microSD Card Holder For Tablet OEM'sStart Marketing Smartly

– For Android™ or Windows™ Tablets
– Start showing consumers why your Tablet is better than the iPad


– Tech enthusiasts already know removable memory = freedom

– Let the people know your Tablet’s memory slot means:

  • Add up to 32GB memory
  • Load gigabytes of movies, video-rich apps & 3D games
  • Run apps, games & video from memory card
  • Remove sensitive personal data from Tablet in an instant

– Do all this with

  • No tangled USB cables
  • No need for WiFi hotspot
  • No slow 3G wireless
  • No expensive 4G

Carry & Wear Your Brand

– DiMeCard micro8 microSD card holder is

  • Brandable in full color photo quality graphics both sides
  • Slim enough to slip in a wallet or hang from a lanyard
  • Your brand and Tablet name persists in consumers’ daily lives
  • Carried on-person in-wallet like a bank card
  • Around neck, on a lanyard

In the Box

– Ship your Tablet with a branded microSD card holder in the box

– Pre-load Windows™ or Android™ OS back up/ rescue files on microSD

– Pre-load gigabytes of movies, content-rich games & Apps on microSD

Don’t let the iPad steal your targets away from you this holiday season, start marketing smartly with a branded microSD card holder for your tablet.

Sell the microSD card holder as a retail accessory for your tablet, or give away to retail sal